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At Team Project Management we recognise people as the core assets of our clients' organisations, and it is people that we recognise as the greatest business capital.

In keeping with our beliefs, our focus is on people, technology and business; we offer contract placement, managed teams and if required permanent recruitment services providing a cost effective, top quality holistic sourcing solution.

Blockchain Expertise

We live in a world of increasingly innovative disruptive thinking with the power of distributed social and business ecosystems to support it.

We don’t know all of how and what blockchain technology will contribute to global social and business environments but we do know that it will engender even greater revolutionary thinking and social change.

The global community will awaken as some point in the not too distant future to a step change in the organisation of everyday way of life, from paying a bill to requesting medical attention in a foreign country or trading on a web site or running global corporates or building a modern society from a rural beginning.

Team Project Management has embraced the blockchain philosophy and is currently engaged in the development of its own blockchain resource community. We already have an extensive pool of associates that we can call on to provide expertise to ourselves and/or our future clients in blockchain projects/programmes/developments. Within the near future we aim to have increased our blockchain resources and market offering to encompass Advisory Services, Interim and Permanent recruitment and Project Support and delivery.

Distributed Application development in Blockchain environments is not the future, it is the NOW and we aim to be part of it in support of our clients……. whatever their requirement might be

So if you wish to see the blockchain step change come just that little bit closer FASTER, please drop us a mail, a resume, an order for services or simply an invitation to connect on Linkedin, or Xing or whatever your preferred business network site happens to be.

IT Recruitment

Technology is constantly evolving. In 1965, Gordon E. Moore predicted that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every two years. This was reiterated by David House of Intel when he stated that chip performance would double every eighteen months. These predictions have proved to be fairly accurate.

When recruiting staff into IT positions you need to be confident in their abilities, you need to know that their knowledge and experience has kept them at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving world that is modern information technology. Team Project Management will ensure that the staff that you add to your company will be the professionals that you expect. We will provide real team players who know their subject inside out and have kept up with developments as they happen.

The IT Recruitment sector has faced many challenges during the last decade, only those organisations that offer a flexible approach have survived and thrived; Team Project Management is one such organisation.

We offer our services in most disciplines; we continue to maintain a very high strike rate in the candidate/placement ratio.
Our resource base is the current marketplace, our technical testing reflects your benchmark; our process reflects your standards; our selections reflect your ideals.

Whether you need developers, testers, architects or security specialists, we guarantee our efforts will provide the right number of the right people for the right job at the right price.

Financial Markets

The level of competition in the financial sector over recent years have meant that, when companies recruit, only the brightest and best that will be considered.

The markets are still fragile; even the smallest mistakes or errors of judgement can prove very costly.

In this difficult economy, our clients need to be sure that the candidates we provide to fill their vacancies are the best and brightest available. People they can rely on, (cool under pressure), the right people who are adept at assessing and managing risk.

Team Project Management works tirelessly to find our clients the very finest candidates with impeccable credentials. We source proven people who have credibility based on genuine experience.

Our financial markets specialists are dedicated to providing recruitment solutions to financial institutions in London and other financial centres throughout the UK, Europe and the US.

We work closely within this market sector to fully understand its products, its needs and our candidate’s skill sets. At Team Project Management we have the ability to support client’s short term specialist requirements in Temenos, Oracle, Gloss, Fidessa, Modus, Summit, GL Trade, and Calypso, as well as helping to satisfy their long term strategic objectives.

Project Management

"The delivery of a product/system/facility adhering to stated functionality, timing and budget; that meets stakeholder expectations and requirements through effective communication during the project’s development life cycle”

At Team Project Management the evaluation of prospective project management people is a strength developed not only through the fulfilment of many assignments, but also through specialist coaching of our recruiters.

To be a project manager you need a number of qualities: you need to be able to plan and organise effectively, you need to be a leader and you must be able to control the resources available to you.

You will have a clearly defined and measurable goal; you have to identify the steps that need to be taken in order to reach that goal; gather a team around you that will help you get there; identify and overcome the obstacles that might prevent you from getting there and identify and work within certain constraints, i.e. time, budget and quality. The world is full of projects and of project managers. Deciding which person is right for your project, or which project is right for you as a person; given your different company's environment, culture and the project complexities; can make that decision extremely difficult and time consuming.

Complexity, definition, stakeholder, uncertainty, trade off, delivery - all words that trip off the tongue, but how do they relate to your project and, just as importantly, how do they relate to the prospective project manager.

We have been highly successful in matching the right person to the right company and project culture, in order to deliver the benefits achieved through successful project delivery.

The most common cause of project failure is the mismatch between project complexity and project manager capability, our aim is to eradicate such failures.

Programme Management

"The ability to deliver business benefits through the successful management of complex and diverse programmes; and the management of change within uncertain and/or part-defined environments."

Team has provided many candidates with the above capabilities; very few "recruitment consultants" or organisations have the knowledge and ability to resource such specific individuals. Many simply assume that a senior project manager qualifies as a programme manager through managing multiple projects, this is not the case.

To understand the difference between programme management and project management: consider programme management as a game of chess, and the projects as chess pieces. The pieces are of limited use individually, yet as parts of the whole can be most effective.

Project management tends to be more tactical and programme management more strategic. The programme manager should manage at a far broader level, providing direction, oversight and assurance; leaving the more detailed task delivery to the trusted project managers.

Programme managers play the long game; they maintain an overview of the on-going projects and how they interact, overlap and affect each other. The programme manager provides the type of environment which makes the projects possible.  Unlike the role of the project manager, there is rarely a clearly defined end point; the overall picture is continuously playing out.

Should you wish to know more about this capability, please call, we will be more than happy to provide you with more detail.

Health care solutions

Our team is available to help you with know-how and experience in your major chalenges

We have the best professionals to help your hospital to achive the best results.

Interoperability in healthcare is essential and we know how to do it.

The best professionals to support your business in nearshore or onsite.